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Preparing for Winter Gear

posted Nov 1, 2013, 9:08 AM by cao sam
The weather is starting to cool down.  Soon, there will be rain in the valley and snow on the mountains (I hope).   Keep in mind that Troop 92 camps in all 4 seasons, including Winter.  In Mar - skiing/boarding, in Feb - snow camping, in Jan - camping somewhere in the cold.

Here are some tips for stocking on winter gear.

Next REI used gear sale is this Sat, 11/2 at their Mt View store, need to arrive before the backdoor opens at 10am.  I have found many treasures there at great prices.  Keep in mind, it is used gear so they tend to be one season behind, and all sales are final.

At Costco, I see wool(blend) socks are available now.  Wool socks makes a huge difference in the cold, but it is also essential for long hikes and wet/cold boating sports. 

At Costco, I also see ParadoxOoutdoor brand, base layers for top and bottom.
The base layers are soft, thin, yet warm.  Much better than the olden day cotton thermos.  Only problem is that it is difficult to find small sizes, and the zipper in the front of the top gets in the way.
The brand also has rain jackets advertising to be lightweight, waterproof, and, breathable; all those features for only $29.99.
Connie Wong