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2013-10 New Melones/Moaning Caverns Campout

posted Nov 1, 2013, 9:11 AM by cao sam

From 10/25/13-10/27/13, Troop 92 had 19 Scouts and 13 adults participate in the New Melones/Moaning Caverns campout.  Sherman and his family departed for the campsite about half hour before the rest of the group finished packing up the troop gears.  However, Sherman’s family got lost and accidentally arrived to Moaning Caverns instead.  After everyone arrived, the troop decided on tent arrangements, had some announcements, then the troop set up their tents and retired for the night.

            On Saturday, everyone got up by 7:00 a.m, made breakfast and prepared lunches to go.  For breakfast, Dragons had sandwiches, Lightning had pancakes, and Sasquatch had scrambled eggs and Little Smokies.  It was about a 10 minutes drive to Moaning Caverns.  We did the Cavern Walking Tour or Rappelling first, afterwards, we did Zip Lining and/or Rock Wall Climbing.  Later, Mr Berryhill led the troop to Natural Bridge Tunnel, a secret location known to locals.  It was about a one mile hike down to the Natural Bridge Tunnel where some of us swam to the other side. The rest of the Troop climbed a steep hill to meet us at the other end of the tunnel.  They also helped carry the swimmer's gears to keep them dry.  

            Back at the campsite, we cleaned up and cooked dinner. Dragons had beef stew, Lightning had pasta Alfredo and beef chipotie, and Sasquatch had hamburgers.  After dinner, Joseph called out two scouts for rude language and put downs.  They were sent to clean the bathroom sinks, while the rest of the troop cleaned up dinner.  Then, we fell in again before we were done for a pep talk from Mr. Tahara.  We closed off the evening with a campfire, four skits, and three songs.

             For Sunday breakfast, Dragons had muffins and banana bread, Lightning had pancakes and egg, and Sasquatch had pancakes, eggs, and Little Smokies.  Then some scouts hiked down to the lake to go fishing.  Sherman and family went home a little before the rest of the troop.  At the end of the trip, everybody was happy and went home safe and sound.

written by Sherman Y, edited by Connie W