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2013-07 T92 Summer camp

posted Aug 29, 2013, 10:39 AM by cao sam

2013-28-7 Troop 92’s summer camp at Camp Kern

By Sherman Y and Connie W

On July 28th 2013 the troop went on a week long summer camp at Camp Kern by Fresno. We needed to board a barge to cross Huntington Lake to camp.  Everyday, we got up early for 7am breakfast.  We were limited to max of 3 Merit Badge classes in one week.  Merit Badges I worked on were Canoeing, Rifle Shooting, and Personal Fitness.  Wednesday was hike day.  After a light breakfast, we left for a 3 miles hike to the dam. None of us remembered the name of the dam. The area was closed off because there was a fire.  The firefighters said debris could hit us from the sky, so we left the area and went to a nearby campsite for a lunch break before heading back.  On Saturday, the troop woke super early at 5:45 a.m., finished packing, brought down our stuff, ate breakfast, and drove 5 hours to Mt. Olive.  All in all, we completed 27 Merit Badges and started 25 partials during a week of camping, learning, and fun